Pay After Receiving with Multifactor ( Only in the Netherlands)

Femitique offers in addition to the familiar payment methods such as iDEAL, Visa and MasterCard also the payment option "Pay After Receiving '. Note: We bring this payment € 2.95 charge for the administrative handling and the credit check when placing your order. This amount should be paid at all times even if you return your order.

When the payment option "Pay After Receiving taken over the financial settlement of the digital invoice and handled by Multi Factor, a subsidiary of Multisafepay. The payment term is 14 days. The maximum value of the order may not exceed € 300.00. If the value of your shopping cart exceeds this amount, this payment option is not displayed in the online checkout.

How does 'Pay After Receiving'

You select in the shop the products you want to order and after entering your personal data and delivery address (Note PO boxes are not accepted!) To select the payment option "Pay After Receiving '. You will then be prompted to enter your date of birth and bank account number. Multifactor has a strict privacy policy as stated in its privacy statement Approving pay your request afterwards carries Multifactor online 'real-time' data check on the basis of your personal information and bank account number. Your request to 'pay later' you automatically agree metachteraf pay the acceptance conditions and payment of Multifactor. If your request is accepted you will be informed at the right height, you order will be processed immediately and you will receive within a few days via e-mail a request for payment of Multifactor to pay for the products purchased. Therefore you pay the amount directly to Multifactor and not Femitique. In the unlikely event your request for post-pay are not authorized, you can of course pay to buy product with another payment method in the checkout. You can always ask to contact Multifactor. Femitique does not in any way affect the insight and authorization. For more information please refer to the Multifactor website. The payment method "Pay After Receiving" is only available to Dutch customers